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Thursday, 1 April 2004
...a good day...
hey guys (tyler) lol...yes im trying to ignore that lol. lol...yeah. well today at skool ashton puked all over the skool, i wore joels sweater AGAIN, josh gave me a hug:S, and joel sat with me on the bus and tickled me lol. hehe. he's awesome. thats why i love him and guuueesss wwhhhaaatt?? we aint gunna hide it anymore! yaaay! our teacher actually laughed at one of samuels jokes today it was so funny adam was like haha terrence has to stay in! and terry goes "adam..*cough GAY *cough*" and then patrick falls asleep and samuel says "look at the gay fruit sleeping" and the teacher started cracking up and fell off her desk. it was sooo funny. anyways im leaving so y'all can read: tyler your a funny dude! -me **comment**

Posted by herman-ate-my-life at 6:22 PM EST
Wednesday, 31 March 2004
...march 31...2004...
well im in the computer lab during english class because we have the most bestest teacher ever. her name is miss.whitman. she it pretty, and nice, and very smart. i really enjoy school. some friends and i are working an a project: its called: "Team Fundraiser" and thats exsactly what we're gunna do. FUNDRAISE! YAY! we want to help brighten up our school..ya know, decorate and perhaps paint a little. i really want to because i am a very bright and cheery person. so is all my friends. Josh is here too only he's 4 seets away from the right this time. oh goodness, adam just wrote me an email saying "i <3 you" only, kristin wrote it for fun which is a really good thing because adam..well, eeehh. lol, no offence adam. ..heh. i want to listen to music. but im not. i must go i'll write more later. byebey. -me **comment** >>

"Man, i need to find some pictures of happy pickles."
"as opposed to angry pickles? Or melencholy piclkes? Or pickles that went through a rough divorce? Those vegetable mariages never last."<< -Gin

Posted by herman-ate-my-life at 9:13 AM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 31 March 2004 9:25 AM EST
Tuesday, 30 March 2004 year: 90000000 ...heh
well, yeah. im in computer class. im inbatween justine and charla. josh is at the end of the row which is 3 chairs down from me. he si sitting by JENNIFER....eeeww. lol, haha for him. she stinks. no offence...ok, yeah, much offence but ya know. joel is still blonde which is cool. yeeeaaahh. today i went outside at lunch it was so much fun. jordan and me were foolin around. joel was outside with us too. he was pretending to be jenny. it was funny. i bought a chocobar today. it was gross so i gave it to brian. he seemed to like it. yesterday joel put two of my sticky arrow shaped sticky notes on my ass. one said: "pinch my ass" and the other said "check it out" lol. i also nwas talkin to him during math class in the hall. he signed my locker while he was out there. it now says: "joel. love ya" but even tho he says he does all the time...people say he "jokes" around with me and i dont know what to believe anymore...eeehhh. ashton called me last night and i hung up on him. like i want to talk to that fag. NOOOOOOOOOO. anyways, today at lunch, we were playing "Pass-the-Matt", where we threw him around. just at that point, codi and jenn and kelly came around with codi in the middle and his arms around both of them. am i boring you? well, it doesnt matter because i am writing mroe anyways. so, haha. my eyes hurt...from looking at these really hott guys in my skool (you know who ya are) they are so cute. too bad i only love one of them. Jelly bracelettes: what do u think of them? i mean, i have 2 but i had them looong before i knew the whole story on those things. and besides, mine our multi-colored so i jmean theres nothin specific about them. josh is looking at me funny....eeehhh. i feel like sleeping. but im not. as you've probably guessed. we got a dance commin up in about 3 weeks. yaaay. joel, dont forget ;P. same with you josh lol. aaaaah i've written a lot. i dont feel like writing anymore so ya know: bye. -me **comment**

Posted by herman-ate-my-life at 1:21 PM EST
Monday, 29 March 2004
...march 29...2004
well hey there. joels online...YAAAAY. he thinks hes girl friend challenged but we all know thats not true cause he could almost have any girl he wanted lol..he could! but even if i could have ny guy i'd still love him<3 -me p.s. i did this entry for YOU, tyler lol..

Posted by herman-ate-my-life at 8:34 PM EST
Sunday, 28 March 2004
...march...crap i forget AGAIN...2004...
well hey. i went to youth group last night and it was fun. the basement flooded and it stunk so bad! and lucas was there. remember lucas: "FISHIE" *flapps arms like a bird* its so funny! yaaay for lucas. anyways, so, im on msn...bleh, as usual. im talking to: terrence, trav, and b. for those of you who dont call brian stanton by "b"..thats him. yup. well, josh is mad at me and i dont know why. crraaapp. that sucks. i mean...uuugghhh. oh well i guess...lets just hope he gets UN-mad. ....eehh. TERRENCE: baM...*draws heartogram on the blackboard*. man, i really want joel to come online. im listenin to the song: Ride, by The Vines. i like the song but i cant stand to look at the singer lol his eyes go all funny and it scares me lol. oh well....thats all for now...byeeee -me

Posted by herman-ate-my-life at 8:42 PM EST
Saturday, 27 March 2004
...march oh crap i forget again...2004...
well today i wanted to go see joel play hockey sooo bad but i was homealone all day and couldnt get a ride. i was so mad, expecially when i was informed by mark that his team won. well, im really proud of him and i love him. *love ya baby* ok, so, at skool josh was real quiet and he's mad at me but i dont know why. aaaahh. ok so on frienday we had a half day and it was an activity day in the gym. it was fun...and joel went BLONDE. i think it looks pretty good. i could get used to joel-gone-blonde. i wish he'd come online. i ddnt buy even ONE ticket lol. jonathan gave me one, joel gave me 3, jessica milbury gave me one, adele gave me one, samantha gave me one, and i found a ripped one on the floor. oh yeah, and ethan gave me 5. thats a total all together. also i got black jelly beans, a box of smarties, and a chcocolate bar without winning a single thing! i'd say i did pretty good for not spending a cent of money. yes sir ee. well, thats all for now and i hope josh aint mad no mroe cause i dont even know what i did..i think its cause i love joel and not him but i dunno..... -me

Posted by herman-ate-my-life at 9:37 PM EST
Wednesday, 24 March 2004
...march 24...2004...
ok im in the computer lab for music class. great eh? nope. im sitting next to josh...because he wanted me to :s. heh. well, it dont matter cause hes a complete babe.:P he just let me sign his shirt it says "hey babe love me xoxo" omg hes so cute but thats not the point. ok anyways, im not going to write anymore...BYE.BYE.BYE.

Posted by herman-ate-my-life at 1:15 PM EST
Sunday, 21 March 2004
...march...uh i cant remember...2004
well yeah i dont know what to write im only sloud on for a nother 5 minutes or so...which sucks. but something that doesnt suck is that josh emailed me and joel might still keep his promise. ok thats it. -me p.s im ina band..yaaaay lol?

Posted by herman-ate-my-life at 7:40 PM EST
Friday, 19 March 2004
...march 19...2004...
hey guys. i know none of y'all knew this, except for bj and matt...but i was gettin sorta depressed. i am as if now back to old happy hyper and horney jessie...and shes here to stay. yaaay. i have to say, im going to miss joel callin me baby and saying that i love him but its gotta end sometime...i hope it doesnt ever and cause im going to keep my promise even though he may not keep his. -me

Posted by herman-ate-my-life at 9:46 AM EST
Thursday, 18 March 2004
...march 18...2004...
sorry i didnt post yesterday. i dont know why but i guess i just forgot. i made cake yesterday. it was yummy. i also re-united lol with an old friend: jenny hogan. we used to be best friends, and then we kinda drifted apart and so now we are friends again. what else happened yesterday....hmmm....i dont know what else happened except for that joel is in new brunswick. i dont know whats happening but joel and i...well, apparently he was "just kidding" and i believe it. after all we said...after all HE said to me, i believed every single word and he crushed me just like everyone told me he would...and i didnt listen. he broke the one and only promise i cared about...and it hurt and i dont know if i could ever love again -me

Posted by herman-ate-my-life at 9:06 AM EST
Updated: Thursday, 18 March 2004 9:09 AM EST

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